Training Courses

Headway Portsmouth & South East Hampshire offers a variety of training programmes designed to support individual needs. The Tutor works with you enabling you to understand and adjust to the effects of your brain injury, relearn lost skills, learn new skills, employs strategies and achieve personal progression goals at a pace that suits you.

Please note that there is a charge for accessing some of our services. Costs can be met through direct payments from Adult Services, from your personal budget provided by Adult Services or funded privately. If you require help and advice finding funding please contact us direct.

14-week Cognitive Reablement Programme

The first 5 weeks looks at confidence building exploring individual areas of strength and challenges. You will be shown how to build steps to cope with challenging situations, recognise stress, learn how to relax and how this can be used to combat stress. Individuals will learn personalised techniques to cope with stress, knowing how to change and looking at barriers to change.

Following on from this the individual will then gain insight into the effects of brain injury in their behaviour, identifying personal deficits and gaps to enable them to identify changes and learn techniques to bridge those gaps and address deficits.

We also offer Fatigue, Behavioural, and Memory Management Modules.

3-hour Brain Injury Awareness Course

This free-standing course is for family, friends and carers and will help you to be able to understand how the brain works, how a brain injury affects the brain and to talk about the way it effects the person and what helps. Brain Injury is a hidden disability, and you will learn to recognise the physical, psychological, cognitive, and executive effects of Brain Injury and be aware of the ways that people can be helped to cope with the effects of Brain Injury.

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