Sports Therapy Programme

We have identified a need to provide sports and activities therapy as part of our structured mental and physical wellbeing and social re-engagement programme to assist brain injured people with their rehabilitation.

Although brain injury is categorised as physical disability, it is often described as a “hidden” disability as it leaves people with damage that cannot be seen but has a tremendous impact on the individual’s ability to reintegrate into community life. For example, many brain-injured people are left with personality changes, slowed responses, a lack of insight into their own limitations, poor communication skills, and memory difficulties. Headway aims to help the brain injured person understand what has happened to them, and to find the confidence to rebuild their life, and to make small steps towards full participation in the community. 

It is a long intensive road that lies ahead as a brain injured person slowly adapts to a new life and often a sudden change in their function. 

Our aim is to provide safe inclusive sport activities to support people with brain injury through participation and engagement, reducing frustration and anxiety in a relaxed and supported environment, where they can gain confidence, motivation, and enjoyment, reducing hospital readmission and improving quality of life. 

Exercise offers physical and mental advantages – good blood circulation, stronger muscles, improved balance, and co-ordination.  Disabled people who undertake sporting exercise also have lower anger, frustration, and stress scores than people with disabilities who are inactive.

This programme includes safe and structured activities including tennis, swimming, seated exercise classes, gym session and Nordic walking.

The intention is not to focus on the level of sporting skills but on engagement in activity aimed at supporting health, wellbeing and social re-engagement. The programme is inclusive for those who are wheelchair users, or who use walking aids. Sessions will be facilitated by a skilled inclusive sports coach, skilled support workers and volunteers

Portsmouth - Mountbatten Centre
Seated Chair Exercises Monday & Wednesdays 10am - 10:30am
Tennis & Boccia Mondays 1pm - 3pm
Swimming Tuesdays 12:30pm - 13:30pm
Nordic Walking Wednesdays 11am - 12pm
Gym Session Wednesdays 12pm - 1pm
Aquafit Fridays 2:30pm - 3:30pm
Lane Swimming Sundays 6pm - 7pm

Sessions last for 2 hours and run on for 50 weeks of the year. There is a charge for accessing some of our services and costs can be met through direct payments or your personal budget provided by Adult Services, or funded privately. If you require help on funding please contact us directly where we can advise on the best solution to meet your needs. Please note there will be no sessions running on Bank Holidays.

Don't be alone - Call us on 023 92 664 972 and get things started.

By invitation only

Access to our services is by referral only. Should you choose to use our services, referral is simple, you can self - refer or be referred by a professional i.e. Adult Services, Social services, Occupational Therapists. Once referred, you'll be contacted and invited to attend an initial discussion / assessment where we can discuss options.

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