Hospital and Outreach at Home Service

We have established links with the local hospital and a member of staff visits the wards and makes that initial contact with the patient who is recovering from an acquired brain injury and their family and friends. Once they are discharged from hospital, we continue to provide a skilled outreach worker to support them at the beginning of their recovery journey and their families, at a time of great stress and confusion, supporting them to come to term with the changes because of brain injury, aid improved rehabilitation and community reintegration and support financial changes. By having support in place for each stage of recovery we are able to improve community cohesion and community inclusion within the acquired brain injury community.

We provide a service to bridge the gap for people and their families newly affected by brain injury offering vital support during this difficult time to ensure that a reablement provision is in place supporting the person, carer and family, helping in preventing unnecessary financial hardship and hospital readmissions, improving mental health, reducing the strain on the individual, family and healthcare systems in the weeks/months post brain injury.

We provide a single point of contact for individuals to be able to engage with wider support services and our support worker will offer advice to ensure that the stresses of adjusting to a new life are reduced leaving more time for recovery and connecting with this new community. This support includes offering advice on how to navigate the often-unfamiliar world of Adult social care, information on acquired brain injury to clients & family, support people with welfare benefit and PIP applications.

Our services have been fundamental to the individual’s recovery, which due to the nature of brain injuries is a long road. Individuals engaged in our programmes have reported a reduction in stress & anxiety, improvements to their mental health and the confidence to reintegrate into their communities after a life changing injury.

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